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    Manage User Cache in Portal 7.2


      I make some jsps to allow admin users to modify, create, delete channels and containers for their organization, roles and users in this organization.
      Every thing work fine as expected except if the admin user select its own DN.
      ie : if he modify a property in a channel, when he apply the modification, it is not applied.
      I think, what's appened is the jsp write the modification (store) then the portal cache write the DP used before.
      So, my question is : how can i clear user cache.
      I tried :
      but it does'nt work.
      Any idea ?

      thanks for any help
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          Hello phillip ,it's Michael from Lille lol !

          About your problem ,maybe you should take a look at this file "desktopconfig.properties"

          specialy this part :

          "# DP documents will not happen.
          # -1 Indicates such scan happens only when user logs in, or membership changes.
          # Such scan doesn't happen otherwise.
          # 0 Indicates such scan happens for every request
          # n Indicates after n seconds from previous scan, any updates to user DP or sha
          red DP
          # will be reflected in system behavior