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    Discussion Channel

      I have single host Sun Messaging Commsuite Setup running at my end. The setup is running completely fine.I have added discussion provider Channel on portal Desktop.However when I go for search which comes with discussion provider it redirects me to a Search Provider Web Page. Can anyone tell me how to configure the search for discussion so that I can see results of Search queries on the same page.

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          It was designed that way. Using the same search interface for results and using dynamic single container with search provider for the result so no need to have a search channel defined next to the discussion channel.

          Here is the form used for the search box(searchUI.jsp). If you remove the action and put a search channel next to the discussion channel, then the search channel should display the results.

          <form name="discsearchform" action="<%=searchInSingleContainerURL%>" method="GET" target="ps_main" ENCTYPE="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
          <INPUT TYPE=hidden name="targetprovider" value="<%=channelName%>">

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