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    SRA gateway performance tuning


      I don't find any perftune script on my gateway system and nothing in the 7.2 docs. I only found some info for 6.3 (http://docs.sun.com/source/816-6754-10/ch4.html).

      Do someone already tried to tune a gateway? Are the 6.3 recommandations still valid?

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          I also want to know how to config both portal and gateway, when i tried to execute the perftune, it have error, and then message is "Cannot proceed. Cannot find package sun-portal-core.". My portal are using gateway as http-tunneling for all internal application, the portal cannot be connect when the no. of concurrent user > 500, does anyone have solution about it.
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            For the perftune script, I had to edit /opt/SUNWportal/bin/pstune-env to change some path. You may also have to edit /opt/SUNWam/bin/amtune/amtune-env, depending on the webserver/application server you use for access manager.

            From the error you got, you don't have the same OS and/or portal version. It may be different for you.

            About the concurrent user limit, you should also check on psconsole for "Secure Remote Access -> Profiles -> default: Performance Tab".