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    Web Space and Google Gadgets...

      I just downloaded Web Space because it is suppose to be able to consume Google Gadgets, but I have yet to discover how I can actually place a gadget on to a portal page. I perused the documentation and there's absolutely nothing on this.

      I'm trying to bring in Web Space into our Intranet which has no Internet access and will need to integrate it with other OpenSocial implementations (such as Shindig). Can anyone point me in the right directions to do this? Extremely frustrating...I love Liferay and its user interface and would prefer to demo a Google desktop equivalent on our Intranet. Thank you.
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          Hi Shaka,

          To your first question ... on adding google gadgets ... this can be done in two ways. Use the Google Gadget portlet from plugins. This portlet is pretty self explanatroy. Another easy portlet that can be used to build a desktop with google gadgets would be the Widget Consumer portlet. This portlet is bundled with the evaluation bundle to Web Space Server Update 3. All you need to do is place this portlet in you page where you want a google gadget portlet, copy the javascript from the intended google gadget portlet, and paste it by clicking configuration on this Widget Consumer portlet. All google gadget portlets publish their javascript.

          Since you do not have internet access on your intranet, I think "Widget consumer" portlet would be the perfect fit for you to create a Google desktop equivalent on the intranet. This portlet will consume and display any self contained javascript or flash code snippet.

          Web Space Server has extremely powerful out of the box social networking capabilities. Especially if your users has no internet access Web Space Server gives you the full gamut services, including requests, walls, activity tracking etc. I would suggest that you start playing with the evaluation bundle to Web Space Server Update 3 and look at the "Enterprise Social Networking" samples part from the "Sample Users" portlet's drop down menu. Nagivate to the dock (on upper right corner)->user->SocialNetworking user group. I can guide you further, but it would be a long email. After you are done checking my suggestions, please let me know if you have specific questions. Would be glad to help.

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            Thanks for the reply. I was hoping the level of integration was beyond what the Google Gadget Portlet or Widget Consumer Portlet would provide for Web Space. I have installed the Gadget Portlet on the latest instance of Liferay, but for some strange reason, I'm unable to install it on my instance of Web Space. During the installation process, I just receive a blank page . Very strange. So, I just deployed the Gadget's WAR into Web Space, and although the portlet is listed and I am able to instantiate it into my portal page, the portlet displays a message saying the portlet is "not active" -- or something like that.

            Ultimately, we would like to emulate the Google Desktop UI. Just like iGoogle, we would like our users to build and personalize (themes, drag-n-drop) their own portal pages. I don't think think the Consumer Widget Portlet would provide an interface that's reasonable for end users if he/she has to paste javascript into the portlet.

            I've already looked at JBOSS Portal and have it working with Shindig. We have no use for Shindig beyond the gadget rendering it provides. We are not interested in the "Social" API of Shindig or any other OpenSocial-based container at the moment. I was hoping Liferay's integration with Google was much more user-friendly given the interface for everything else it provides. It looks like more and more that we may need to customize an existing portal framework or create one from scratch.

            Where is this update 3 for Web Space? I can't seem to find this Consumer Widget. Thank you.