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    Unable to deploy Portlet

      we have been trying to deploy a war using the pdeploy command. Everything seems to be fine and we are actually reusing the command and path and everything, except the war. Rather we have created a copy of the existing war and the environment is new. When we run the pdeploy command we are getting the following error, though we are sure that the path is getting accessed, but not the file. The directory structure of the file is as required and there seems nothing wrong with the war. Any ideas........?

      com.sun.portal.portlet.cli.PortletDeployerException: Error Updating the Portlet Application: java.io.IOException: No such file or directory
      at com.sun.portal.portlet.cli.PDDeploy.process(PDDeploy.java:198)
      at com.sun.portal.portlet.cli.PortletDeployerCommand.runCommand(PortletDeployerCommand.java:209)
      at com.sun.portal.portlet.cli.PortletDeployerMain.main(PortletDeployerMain.java:54)

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