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    "Attempt to store non-customized dpRoot" error message


      partner/CU has the following error in desktop.debug:
      12/19/2008 11:07:21:669 AM CET: Thread[service-j2ee-42,5,main]
      ERROR: DesktopServlet.handleException()
      com.sun.portal.desktop.context.ContextError: PSDesktopContext.store(): attempt to store non-customized dpRoot=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
      <!DOCTYPE DisplayProfile SYSTEM "jar://resources/psdp.dtd">
      <DisplayProfile advanced="false" dirty="true" lock="false" merge="fuse" priority="user" version="1.0">
         <Properties advanced="false" lock="false" merge="fuse" propagate="true">
             <Container lock="false" merge="fuse" name="SC_DSL" provider="JSPTabContainerProvider">
                 <Properties lock="false" merge="fuse">
                     <String advanced="false" lock="false" merge="replace" name="startTab" propagate="true" value="SC_DSL_SessionReportPortlet"/>
                 <Available lock="false" merge="fuse">
                 <Selected lock="false" merge="fuse">
             at com.sun.portal.desktop.context.PSDesktopContext.store(PSDesktopContext.java:400)
             at com.sun.portal.desktop.DesktopServlet.doGetPost(DesktopServlet.java:709)
             at com.sun.portal.desktop.DesktopServlet.service(DesktopServlet.java:360)
             at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:860)
             at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor110.invoke(Unknown Source)
      Any idea what might have caused this error? There is nothing suspicious (schema violation etc) in LDAP logs.

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          The <Channels/> seems wrong for me. Did you check your xml against the psdp.dtd?

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            Though the error is not self-explaining, the XML piece definitely is not DTD-compliant which defines either
            tags, definitely not
            I've requested the XML origin from the partner. Thanks for the catch!
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              Nope, this was my mistake, I've overseen the <Container/> tags which do allow <Channels/> tag. So we're back at the start. Furthermore, CU/partner is requesting some hint. Anyone?
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                I checked the source from openportal project. The exception is in portal/desktop/src/com/sun/portal/desktop/context/PSDesktopContext.java
                    public void store() {
                        // store DP user document, if necessary
                        DPRoot dpr = getDPRoot();
                        if (dpr.isDirty()) {
                            synchronized (dpr) {
                                if (dpr.isDirty()) {
                                    if (!isDPRootCustomized()) {
                                        throw new ContextError("PSDesktopContext.store(): attemp
                t to store non-customized dpRoot=" + dpr.toString());
                                    DPUserContext dpuc = getDPUserContext();
                                    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(256);
                                    dpr.toXML(sb, 0);
                                    // if we just wrote the document, we have the latest copy
                                    // mark it such that we just read it so avoid
                                    // re-reading because we just wrote it out
                Seems to be an exception when you try to save an unchanged display profile. Do you really have a problem or is it just a message in the debug file?