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    Error in SUNWam erros log

      Hi All,
      Whenever if I start my portalserver I am getting the following error in errors log

      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:20] info (26988): desktopServlet: init
      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:31] config (26988): [GC
      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:31] config (26988): 242760K->2759K(514624K)
      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:31] config (26988): eden 242760K->0K survivor 0K->2759K tenured 0K->0K
      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:31] config (26988): , 0.1090036 secs]
      [06/Jan/2009:03:51:31] config (26988):

      I am not getting the logged-in home page.It is flickering.
      Can anyone come across this issue? Pls help me