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    Roles Display Profile ?


      I ve created a Role and Assigned PortalDeskTop Service to it,and a user to it.

      if a user is created with Portal desktop service assigned,an attribute called sunportaldesktopDPDocument is created in the directory server for this user.This document contains the display profile of the user.

      At the time of login of the user at the portal server, the portal server checks at run time the display profile of user,role and organization and then accordingly loads the page. Now, I wish to change the role XML document so that all users assigned to the role can see profile loaded from this document.But I cannot locate this document in the directory server.

      Pls Help


      PS: I shall also tell u that I could see the user profile doc by right clicking on the user name and selecting the "Generic Editor".
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          The portal uses Class of Service templates as part of the display profile merge process. COS templates are a feature of the directory server that allows attributes from an org or a role to be propogated to a user. The sunPortalDesktopDocument that you are seeing in the LDAP is really not part of the user, but is actually coming from the user's role or org membership.

          Note that making changes to the desktop profile using LDAP commands is not recommended. Using the administration console and/or dpadmin commands should be sufficient.

          You can modify the display profile at the role level the same way that you do for the org or for the user. Just edit the Portal Desktop Service and click the button for Manage Containers and Channels.
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            I would like to use command line instead of administration console for org/user/role creation and assign appropriate Display Profile for selected entity.

            Is it possible?
            Now I add organizations, users and roles with user "uid=amadmin,ou=people,dc=mycompany,dc=ru" manually in adminconsole.
            And then I use dpadmin utility to configure Display Profile.

            Also, for new created role no DisplayProfile document exists in LDAP and I added it in adminconsole:
            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
            <!DOCTYPE DisplayProfile SYSTEM "jar://resources/psdp.dtd">
            <DisplayProfile version="1.0" priority="user">
            because dpadmin fails for empty Display Profile document
            [DEBUG] Line 31: add -u "uid=amadmin,ou=people,dc=sftb,dc=ru" -w 12345678 -d "cn=MyAdminRole,o=myorg,dc=mycompany,dc=ru" CreateOrgPortlet.xml
            ERROR [line 31]: Failed to create DP Root: dn="cn=MyAdminRole,o=myorg,dc=mycompany,dc=ru"
            Anybody know how to create it from script?
            I need help how to replace adminconsole with command line approach.