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    need help to customize Portal server 7

      hi all,

      I followed the below procedure to create a role

      1.I have downloaded aust* dispaly profile by cliking on Add Dn....

      2.I hav uploaded the same downloaded aust* display profile to the new role.

      3.By Manage Containers & Channels , by selecting ASCTabContainer[Default] and clicking on ASCTabContainer
      and clicking on rightpane Show or Hide Channels and Containers on Portal Desktop and under Visible on the Portal Desktop: I kept only career container and save

      4.On left pane by clicking CareerContainer and I removed all items under Visible on the Portal Desktop:

      5.I created a channel called BookMark

      And I followed the same to create a new role.

      If I keep the channel name(created for each role) is as same then only one url is appearing under BookMark provider(in this case only one channel is appearing on browser).

      role1 --->ChannelName (BookMark)
      role12 --->ChannelName (BookMark)

      one URL

      If I keep the channel name(created for each role) is as different I am getting two BookMark providers(channels) and they are displaying respective urls

      role1 --->ChannelName (BookMark)
      role12 --->ChannelName (BookMark1)

      Bookmark(channel) displaying www.sun.com

      BookMark1(channel) displaying www.google.com

      I need both urls(with different roles) should come under single BookMark provider.

      Please suggest me .