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    portal gateway 6.2: calendar user 'no permission to access the desktop'


      On a JES2005Q4 install, we are using the SRA portal gateway v6.2 to allow users to login from the internet.

      This works fine for users that have email and calenders enabled (they arrive on the 'mail' tab of the uwc), but we have a calendar only account (a resource calendar no less!) that needs to login via the SRA.

      When they try it, they are getting this error message:

      "Sun One Portal Server:

      A serious error has occured in the Desktop. This may have been caused by a mis-configuration on the server.

      Please report this problem to your administrator.

      Possible cause :

      * You do not have permission to access the desktop

      Return to front page

      I checked the ldap, and it looks ok as far as I can see, but I must be missing something. Normal users are getting logged in fine, and arrive by default on the addressbook tab in the uwc. Of course this calendar only user has no 'mail' tab so perhaps this is the cause of the error ?

      any hints would be very welcome.