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    Portal 6 JavaScript Error

      I have an application channel that uses SSO to launch the application into a new frameset window with a header bar. Both the app and the header bar are attempting to set the window.name and top.name property of that window. When they attempt to do this a JS Error comes up with permission denied.

      We have attempted to remove the headerbars setting of the name and still recieve the error.

      Not the Header Bar is a part of the portal code. and the application is an external application.

      Does anyone know why we may be recieving this error or if the portal restricts access to it's child windows accessing and setting the windows properties.


      Here is the code

      Header code

      <script language="javascript">
      function setWindowName() {

      Page code
      top.name = (new Date()).getTime();

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          Well since there was such an influx of people to help, I thought I would post the solution to this.

          The problem does not originate in the portal, but that in the frame set security. Unknown to me at the time of the post the pages that were loading inside of the frames were coming from separate domains. The Solution is that the frames pages domains must be set to be the same as seen below.

          document.domain = "me.com";

          Thanks for all the help.
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            do you mean your Portal and your application are not in the same domain ? If it is, you can use P3P policy to allow frame and iframe display.