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    URGENT!!  configure gateway problem

      I have a set up in which the portal server and the Access Manager and Gateway are on three different locations. I want to enable Secure Remote Access and also enable access of Gateway through portal. The installation guides say that we have to run the command
      AccessManager-base/bin/amadmin -u amadmin -w amadmin-pwd -t enableSRAForPortal.xml on the portal server

      but when I run this command I get
      Error 10: Cannot process requests:
      The LDAP operation failed.

      Please tell me how to proceed further.....

      thanks in advance
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          Hi ,

          Are you using Portal 6 , 7.0 or 7.1 because the question was posted in Sun Java system portal server 6 and this feature was not available at that time.

          In case you are using PS7.0 then make sure below points

          1) This is done on the PS node machine where directory server and access manager is up and running.

          2) This xml adds values to Non-Authenticated URI list in gateway profile, Rewriter tab in gateway profile and URIs to which user session cookie is forwarded. If any of the values which enableSRAForPortal.xml tries to add is already their then the command will fail. These values you can make out by opening the xml file.

          Crude way is to add all these values manually and restart the gateway.

          In PS7.1 we have come up with a better command called as provision-sra. In case you are using PS7.1 then see its help.

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            hi Ajit,
            thanks for your reply,
            I tried adding another URL in the unauthenticated list, and ran the same command. but still the same error is creeping...

            It is true that the file was run earlier...

            can you please tell me how to proceed further.

            thanks in advance
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              Hi Mayur,

              Please do the following steps.

              1) Remove below existing entries from gateway profile. These are added by the enableSRAForPortal.xml command.

              a) Non-Authenticated URI List
              http://%FULLY_QUALIFIED_PORTAL_SERVER_URI%/images http://%FULLY_QUALIFIED_PORTAL_SERVER_URI%/desktop/images

              b) Under Rewriter Tab in Gateway Profile (Map URIs to RuleSets)

              c) Under Core Tab (URIs to which user cookie is forwarded)


              2) Restart the container
              3) Restart the gateway
              4) Make sure you can login to amconsole
              5) Now edit the enableSRAForPortal.xml file with all values and run the amadmin command.
              6) This should work now.

              If it doesnt solve then add all the values manually which are mentioned in the enableSRAForPortal.xml and restart the gateway.