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    Creating a table parameter in OO4O and VB

      I have the following types defined in Oracle:

      TYPE rec_inv_flex_col_details IS RECORD
      (ita_attrib_name nm_inv_type_attribs.ita_attrib_name%TYPE
      ,ita_scrn_text nm_inv_type_attribs.ita_scrn_text%TYPE
      ,ita_view_col_name nm_inv_type_attribs.ita_view_col_name%TYPE
      ,ita_id_domain nm_inv_type_attribs.ita_id_domain%TYPE
      ,iit_lov_sql nm3type.max_varchar2
      ,ita_mandatory_yn nm_inv_type_attribs.ita_mandatory_yn%TYPE
      ,ita_mandatory_asterisk VARCHAR2(1)
      ,iit_value_orig nm3type.max_varchar2
      ,iit_value nm3type.max_varchar2
      ,iit_description nm3type.max_varchar2

      TYPE tab_rec_inv_flex_col_details IS TABLE OF rec_inv_flex_col_details INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;

      I also have the following procedure defined:

      PROCEDURE get_inv_flex_col_details (pi_iit_ne_id IN nm_inv_items.iit_ne_id%TYPE
      ,pi_nit_inv_type IN nm_inv_types.nit_inv_type%TYPE
      ,pi_display_xsp_if_reqd IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE
      ,pi_display_descr IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE
      ,pi_display_start_date IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE
      ,pi_display_admin_unit IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE
      ,po_flex_col_dets IN OUT tab_rec_inv_flex_col_details

      What I'm trying to do is create a parameter of type tab_rec_inv_flex_col_details in OO4O using the following VB statements:

      strSQL = "declare " & _
      "atable nm3asset.tab_rec_inv_flex_col_details;" & _
      "begin " & _
      "nm3asset.get_inv_flex_col_details(pi_iit_ne_id => 12345 , pi_nit_inv_type => 'asdf',
      po_flex_col_dets => :atable); " & _
      "end; "

      oraDatabase.Parameters.Add "atable", Null, ORAPARM_OUTPUT, ORATYPE_TABLE, "atable"
      oraDatabase.Parameters("atable").serverType = ORATYPE_TABLE
      oraDatabase.ExecuteSQL strSQL

      However, when the ExecuteSQL method is called, I get the following error message:

      OIP-04149: Invalid input object for field and parameters

      My goal is to be able to create a dynaset from this table parameter. Does anyone have any suggestions on what is causing this error message and how to go about fixing it? Thank you for absolutely any suggestions.