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    Reuse CSR on new server and install SSL certificate


      I had gotten SSL certificates from Verisgin for two SunONE 6.1 webservers but the servers have been scrapped with its OS & web server software reinstalled ever since.

      Now, I have the SSL certs and the respective CSRs with me. Is there any way for me to use the old server's CSRs and install the SSL certificate on the respective new servers? I don't have the private keys saved off from the old servers but am assuming that the private key is probably contained in the CSR. I do know the password though.

      I understand that pk12util could be used but the CSRs are probably in PEM format and I'm unsure of what command line arguments I should provide to pk12util. Also, I need to know how to convert the CSR & SSL cert into pkcs format that pk12util probably requires.

      Please advise.