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page can not be displayed error

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I am getting a page can not be displayed error when i try to load anything. How can i make config changes if i can't get into /console?
here's what I am getting in my logs:

[09/Sep/2002:11:40:19] info (12881): Internal Info: loading servlet login
[09/Sep/2002:11:40:20] failure (12881): Internal error: exception thrown from th
e servlet service function (uri=/login): java.lang.NullPointerException, stack:
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.AuthenticatorManager.isDetectio
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.AuthD.isClientDetectionEnabled(
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.AuthD.getClientType(
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.AuthRequest.<init>(AuthRequest.
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.AuthRequest.getAuthRequest(Auth
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.LoginServlet.doGetPost(Compiled
at com.iplanet.portalserver.auth.service.LoginServlet.doGet(LoginServlet
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(Compiled Code)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(Compiled Code)
at com.netscape.server.http.servlet.NSServletRunner.Service(Compiled Cod
, root cause:

thanks for your time.

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    Can you tell us the changes that were made to the system before you started observing this
    problem ? Is this a new installation or an old one which has been working for some time ?

    Also enable message debugging and restart the server under debug mode.
    (ipserver start debug). Tell us if the server startup was successful and if any errors
    are reported on your command line window.

    Try accessing the portal again. Let us know what errors are recorded in your logs.


  • 2. page cannot be displayed error
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    i am finding "page cannot be displayed error not frequently.although application is running good but if user put a page on hold for few seconds and starts working again on it then this comes.