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    SUNONE Indexing problem

      have an indexing problem :

      2 start points
      1) myportal/portal/dt/ - main page robot can index it Oll Right

      2) myportal/portal/dt/?provider=2DefTab&&2DefTabContaner.setSelected=Def98MainTableContainer&last=false&Def98TabContainer.setSelected=Def98STableContainer&tab=1&subdiv=01&node01=on&node5089=on&std_html=off&scroll_x=0&scroll_y=0 - dinamic page - robot can index only the first part of the page then

      the interesting thing is however that teh first parts of the pages are identical and robot can index this part on main page and can not do it on the secons one

      maybe some one faced this problem before? please help