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    ssl certificate expired - installing new one ?

      running portal server 3.0sp4

      Our SSL certificate expired, so I generated a new csr,
      which I had signed by a CA, and then I installed it.

      The certificate database shows 2 entries called
      "ssl-RSA-default". However when connection to the
      server - I get no reply. When I display the certificate
      with this name (modified certadmin to do a CMD="$WEBTOP_HOME/bin/ipscertutil -L -n ssl-RSA-default -d $KEYBASEJSS" it displays the 2 certificates correctly
      (i.e. the new one first and then the expired one).

      Of course, restoring the old /etc/opt/SUNWips/cert files
      allows the portal to work but with the expired certificate.

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.