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    need advice on a web based project development

      hi all,

      First things first, I am quite new to java and related stuff war, ejb, jsp etc.

      Im trying to design an application which will
      -be accessed by a web browser
      -will store all the data on a DB (mysql is what im thinking)
      -will have user login (each user will have different access levels)
      -min 500 people will be online at all times
      -the DB will host more than 5million records
      -the db will be like cars, licenses, drivers, penalties (not mentioning user, user groups, etc)

      how will the software work:
      user logs in using: username pass accountid
      according to user-rights(access level) the thing he/she can to will be shown in first screen
      user will chose an option and the next page will be shown with options again according to users access-level
      when editing updating inserting a record the user will enter a secondary password to confirm the action

      and dont know why but i have a thing for security so i want the system to be as safe and stable as possible
      by the way i dont have hardware problems so if using the method you advised requires alot of cpu power no problem

      well i hope the car driver example brought an image to you guys

      well my problem is i dont know what to use when coding:
      ex: login page can be html(login page)-->jsp(user-pass verification) or jsp(login page)-->jsp(will check login true javaclass)--> java class

      i want to use java and java based systems, please help me i dont know what to choose war, ejb, jsp-java, jsp-html, etcc

      thanks a bunch in advance