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    Webshop. first and last record in database shows wrong decimal format.

      Hi. Thanks for taking the time.

      When first or/and last product is added to the webshops cart it displays the wrong decimal format.( This is only on the website.)

      ie. $ 1.7 instead of $ 1.73.

      I don't even know were to start searching, and are hoping that this has happend to someone else here.

      using qlassfish 3 and mysql.

      code below works on every product except for first and last record in mysql database.
      NumberFormat f = NumberFormat.getInstance(new Locale("sv_SE"));
      code below is used to list cart product total cost / cost.
           // shows the total amount of this product
              ${cartItem.total} sek <- this one fails on first and last database record
           // shows the cost of this product
               <span class="smallText">( ${product.price} sek / unit )</span> <-- this one display the correct value.
      Very thankful for any hint

      EDIT: It does not matter in what order I add the products.

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