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    Problem regarding project structure

      Hi All,

      I need your valuable suggestions regarding an E-Commerce project structure..Below is a brief summery of the requirement
      We need to develop an application with one store front (i mean user interface) and one kinda back-office from where we can control all the aspects with the respect to the store front.
      Platform on which this application need to be developed is J2EE.
      Its also quite possible that in future we may also need to develop another interface to run/control or admin various other things all related to this application.my question is about the application structure as how we should organise all these modules?
      Here is what currently in our minds
      1) We can simply create a web-application and than can create a folder structure as per the requirements as i described above
      e.g we can create two module/package storefront and back-office and can put all Action/BO/DAO and other obejects under this tree and same is the case with the second Interface.

      but i can see a potntial problem in the above structure that these two Interface become coupled to each other,any change in the storefront will force to deploy the application as a whole vice-versa

      Please provide your valuable suggestions/feedback how best we can organise these Interface so that even they have a soild relation with each other but on the same time they can be develop and exist independently..