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    Announcing new release of Java Enterprise System

      Today Sun is announcing a new release of the Java Enterprise System – Release 7.

      The new Java Enterprise System release continues Sun's enterprise open source strategy providing new versions of products and rigorous interoperability testing.

      Java Enterprise System – Release 7
      The Java Enterprise System ensures interoperability across all Java ES components and multiple Java System Suites, enabling you to install and integrate with ease.

      What's New
      The Java Enterprise System- Release 7 includes:
      Updated versions of the individual products
      -GlassFish Enterprise Server
      -GlassFish Web Space Server
      -Sun Web Server
      -Sun Web Proxy Server
      -OpenSSO Enterprise

      Enterprise Management and Monitoring
      * GlassFish Enterprise Manager
      -Provides up to 300% performance improvement in seconds
      -Proactively monitors key performance indicators
      -Automatically tunes JDBC pools
      -Protects against log files consuming all available disk space
      -Enables monitoring of GlassFish using enterprise SNMP management tools
      -Enables IT to monitor performance during runtime and facilitates root-cause analysis

      For more information about the components in the Java Enterprise System check out the Java Enterprise System site at sun.com/jes.

      You might be interested to know that we are also releasing a new version of GlassFish Portfolio. Sun GlassFish Portfolio, the most complete open-source Web application
      platform, offers enterprise-class features and support, best-in-class
      performance, and flexible subscription-based pricing for enterprises of
      all levels. Check it out at sun.com/glassfish.