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    Tomcat 6.0 utilizing high CPU Resource for Solaris V880

      Dear All,

      We have deployed our web application on Tomcat 6.0.14 running on Sun Microsystems sun4u Sun Fire 880 system

      having System clock frequency: 150 MHz and Memory size: 32768 Megabytes at the client side.

      We are using jdk 1.5.

      But when ever Tomcat starts, it is consuming 15 to 20 % of CPU. And when users start using the system, it will go up to 50%.

      The problem is that even when Tomcat is Idle, the CPU usage is shown as 20%.

      Can any one please help?

      In our side we are having Windows XP, Tomcat 6 and jdk 1.5 and having 2GB Memory. We have used some profiling tools like jmeter, lamda probe and VisualVM.

      But all of them showed that when Tomcat is Idle, CPU usage is almost 0% and when processing starts, it sometimes go up 50 to 100% and again come down to 0%.

      Please help