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    How to development Java Enterprise?

      Hello Everybody!

      I'm VietHung Romano. I am newbie. I very love Java and I had a project about J2EE.

      I want ask to every Java Developer is if develop a project by J2EE then I must part of project is important to analyze and design. What tier is important?
      What of J2EE technology to I develop?
      What framework to I develop?
      Can I choose Strut or Spring? What is better?
      What server use? WebSphere or WebLogic? What server is better?

      I hope can discuss about J2EE Technology with people?
      Who want talking with me can contact to me via email: viethungnguyenduc@gmail.com or My Yahoo! ID: viethungnguyenduc
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          If you are developing this J2EE for an existing organization (client) then, the specific frameworks and products used by the organization is driven by its technology stack. For example, my company uses IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2, Struts framework for building web applications. Recently, a strategic decision was taken to move from WebSphere to Tomcat server. In most cases the architects decide what technology is permissible in that organization.

          However, if you are just experimenting, then get hold of a good ide - NetBeans, Eclipse and they come with all the tools you need to run a local application. For example, both NetBeans and Eclipse has support for Struts, Tomcat, WebSphere etc.

          Hope I have answered your question.