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    Create new domain

      Hi guys just installed J2EE on windows vista. Installation process was fine got the default domain/domain1 created. Start up process was successful including start up for the admin console. According to the quick start guide the next step is to add cluster support to the domain followed by the addition of a node agent. The problem is.. when I add cluster support to the default domain in the console I am prompted to stop the service and start again. Unfortunately that's where everything gets messy. When I eventually get things up and running up to the start up of the admin console, the application server doesn't display functionality for cluster support.
      I had the idea to install and uninstall but I still end up with the same problem. I had the idea to create a new domain and add cluster support to that. I have run a maze of instructions on how to do this however the asadmin utility thwarts any attempts claiming syntax irregularity. As it stands I have deleted the default domain, any help with re-creating it, as I would prefer not to uninstall again, or with creating a new domain effectively bypassing the anal retentiveness of the asadmin utility. Otherwise at least a real solution.