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    Java Enterprise System 6 Features


      I want to know is there any news about next Java Enterprise System 6 and its features?
      Is there known what it will includes?
      Will it icludes aquired companies Vaau products rebranded under Sun trademark?

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          I apologize for the delay in responding to this topic. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes regarding the future of Java ES. Sun Java Enterprise System remains Sun�s flagship software infrastructure offering in which all products are made available through a cost-effective subscription model that Sun pioneered. Over the past 5 years, the program has grown to serve approximately 2 million employees in thousands of enterprises all over the world. With this experience, Sun has established a number of best-practices enabling us to engineer a wide variety of products with consistent quality and market-leading capabilities. With that in mind, I'd like to highlight the improvements we are making to enable the Java Enterprise System to be even more efficient.

          While most aspects of Java Enterprise System will remain the same, such as existing entitlements, the new improvements will enable more frequent releases of component products while maintaining the same cross-product interoperability and quality attributes. Historically, Java Enterprise System was delivered as a single monolithic release, such as Java Enterprise System 5 in September 2007. In this release model, all component products were tested and released at the same time. Starting in 2008, however, Java Enterprise System will transition to a set of independent releases where new features can be delivered to our customers on a more frequent basis. Some products will be released independently while others will be released as a collection. Regardless of the release model, Java Enterprise System customers will receive updates to their Sun products faster than before, with the same or better quality.

          In addition to more frequent releases, Sun Java Enterprise System will be adding a number of convenience features for installing, maintaining and configuring component products. Among these improvements are the ability to install multiple instances of a given software product on a single system as well as allowing easy non-root installations for administrators. The new Sun Update Center will enable users to easily check for updates, patches or extensions to the products that they already have installed. These usability enhancements will not only reduce the TCO of Java Enterprise System, but will also ensure that all beneficiaries are enjoying the latest enhancements of each component product.

          The Update Center that the Sun Java Enterprise system will be using is still in development, but you can visit the external project wiki page at http://wiki.updatecenter.java.net .

          Regarding your questions about the contents of Java Enterprise System, the contents of Java ES will remain the same.
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            Hi econzel ,

            can u have any JES 5 installation demo videos,is't any installation sequence required ?..i m completely new abt JES 5..please help me out....

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              No, we do not have any videos. Sorry about that. There is a good document in an older Java ES release that should still work. It walks you through installing and configuring a lot of Java ES products on the same host. Take a look at ... http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-4879 and see if it will help.


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                Hmm... yeah, have to admit I havent found any documentation regarding installation.

                The first time I installed I had groovy "startportal" and "stopportal" batch files in my SJES5 root directory, but all the paths in all the scripts pointed to the wrong hom e directory (c:\Sun, not c:\web\Sun [my install directory]) so I reinstalled it like 4 or 5 times and now I just get a load of files. No docs.

                I shall try the link you suggested.

                As it happens I have just installed LifeRay and found (with a few imperfections) the documentation to be relatively good. At least I could find the documentation!


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                  The doc I pointed you to will not help on Windows since it is geared for Solaris and Linux.

                  If you are specifically interested in Sun Portal, you should try the zip-based installer for 7.1 Update 1.

                  It is not supported for production, but is a good dev and eval tool.

                  You can download it here...

                  Make sure you read the README file in the zip file before you install it.

                  Liferay is a fine portal also.

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                    Are there any plans to improve the quality of documentation of Administration, Maintenance and migration of JES in 6 ? Versions prior to including 5 are very difficult to work with when it comes to making chnages, migrations. It appears that the design was focused on getting it up and running, but not the other aspects of Operations. Which raises a question on how Enterprise ready is JES6.