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    Upgrade from Java ES 2004Q2 (Release 2) to Java ES 7 (Release 7)?

      Hello all,

      We are currently running Java Enterprise System 2004Q2:
      Sun ONE Portal Server 6.1
      Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 SP1
      Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 SP5
      Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 SP6
      Sun ONE Directory Server 5.1 SP2HF2
      Sun ONE Policy Agent 2.1

      We need to migrate to Sun Java Enterprise System 7, and have been told to utilize glassfish (which our current team has no experience with).

      My question is, can anyone point to documentation on such a migration? Is there a clear path for this migration? Or, will it amount to multiple migrations to in between versions before we can get to JES 7?

      We have quite a bit of customization (done by other teams) within the Portal Server & Web Server pages.

      Thanks in advance!