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    Portal 7.1 Solaris. AM stuck on login page.

      Portal 7.1 was installed on Solaris in console mode with no errors. After installation it is possible to login correctly to /psconsole, /portal, but not to /amserver. When I login to /amserver, I am redirected again to Login page.

      I found the following strange messages in server.log:

      [#|2009-01-23T11:52:59.075+0100|FINE|sun-appserver-ee8.2|javax.enterprise.system.core.security|_ThreadID=35;| Checking for SSO cookie|#]

      [#|2009-01-23T11:52:59.075+0100|FINE|sun-appserver-ee8.2|javax.enterprise.system.core.security|_ThreadID=35;| SSO cookie is not present|#]

      Where could be the problem?

      thanks in advance