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    Unified JMS Resource Adapter

      Platform: JCAPS 6.2 on Sun Solaris 10

      I have created a Unfied Resource adapter, and configured to point to an SRE 5.0.5 Sun JMS iqmanager (stcms453://[host]:[port])
      The SRE egate schema is a simple HL7 inbound/outbound with Passthrough services.

      The SRE iq is named the same as the event type published from the topic delpoyed in the Unified Adapter

      However, when the messages are published to the SRE iq, it does not comsume/commit the message - I cannot see the message with the JMS Administrator.
      The iq count increased each time a message is published, but it is not published by the HL7 eway.
      Only when I shutdown the outbound HL7 eway to 'trap' the message in the queue, is when I can view the message.

      Any configuration help would be appreciated.