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    changing direcotry permissions using JCAPS


      I am using JCAPS to create a directory on a solaris box.
      There is a main application(weblogic thread) which needs to access this directory.
      However, the application can access this directory only if the permissions are set to 770.

      So is there a way in which.

      a. I can specify the permissions from JCAPS while creating the directory it-self from
      b. Alternatively, if i can change the permissions after i create directory, that would also do.

      any thoughts/solution?

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          Hi Satya,
          I have the following questions before I/someone can suggest a solution or a work-around:

          1. Is this creation of the directory a one-time thing or you would be creating/deleting directories on a regular basis?
          2. How are you creating the directory now?
          3. What version of JavaCAPS are you using?

          If this is just a one time thing, you can ask the Solaris admins to create it for you. If it is something you have to do repeatedly, you can ask the admins to define the appropriate umask.

          Also, if you are doing this on a regular basis, I would be interested in knowing the specific scenario.