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    JCAPS 6: MQSeries - Dynamic Response MQ Creation


      Could anyone of you let me know how to create dynamic response MQ's using JCAPS MQSeries OTD?

      The scenario is to send an MQ Request to a Websphere MQ with ReplyToQueueName and ReplyToQueueManagerNames set. I cannot go for an existing/permanent response queue as the responding application does not set the Correlation ID in the response which I could have matched for when the response was fetched. Hence, the workaround I am thinking is to create a dynamic/temporary respnse MQ which is unique for each Request, and listen onto this MQ for response.

      I could mention the ReplyToQueueName (dynamic queue name) and ReplyToQueueManagerName properties in the Header of the MQ Request, but the ReplyToQueue does not get automatically created by the MQManager and it ends with MQ Exception Reason 2085: MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME, ie. the Response Queue is not found in the MQManager. (Somehow, it is not synonymous with JMS Request-Reply mechanism).

      If anyone has exposure on this, kindly let me know the approach. Or else even a lead on different workarounds would ease the pain.