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    Client Drive Mapping (Windows) not working in SGD 4.6

      I've upgrade your sgd 4.5 to 4.6. Currently we are using Virtual Desktop Connector 1.0 with VMware.

      Now I'm ran into a problem with client drive mapping for Windows. CDM has changed in 4.6 from smb to rdp-protocol. So there ist no need for the Enhancement Module on the client.

      CDM works well with Windows Server 2003 R2 Terminal Services, but not with Windows XP SP3. In XP there are not clientdrives in explorer. Opening \\tsclient I can see the clientdrives e.g. +\\tsclient\F (rw)+. But when I try to open the folder I get an error, telling me that I didn't have enough rights to access this share.

      This happens with a regular VDI-VM (in domain) and to a fresh standalone VM. Also a direct rdp-connect to the vm from Win XP and Win 7 Remote Desktop Client works (local drives are mapped).

      Is there any known problem with sgd 4.6 cdm and win xp?
      I didn't find any error in the logfiles, but perhaps I didn't look in the right logs. :-)