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    GRC: AACG 8.6

      Has anyone installed AACG 8.6 yet? Any major bugs or issues to watch out for? We had performance issues with the heatmap process in 8.5.xxx, and Oracle recommends upgrading to 8.6 because the heatmap is not ran everytime you run a conflict analysis.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Sharvil Desai-Oracle
          Yes, the Heatmap functionality has been removed from AACG 8.6 and therefore does not cause performance degradation.
          Quite a few customers have already installed and started using AACG 8.6.
          If there are problems/bugs found they receive due attention from Development team and are fixed accordingly.
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            yasir - oracle grc consulting - oracle
            Several patches have been released for 8.6 now, so there is stability. I'd recommend the following to test it out, but it is quite different than 8.5. To make sure everything will upgrade you could do 1 of 2 things. 1) Backup everything (DB and filesystem), then upgrade and see if the functionality you use is acceptable. or 2) create a test instance, run your normal scenarios, and then upgrade and make sure the functionality you need is all good.

            Hope that will help in your approach.