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    12.1.3 Maintenence pack

      I downloaded the 12.1.3 maintainence pack. While unzipping i am seeing errors like , "bad CRX XXXXXX (should by YYYYYY)" few files in all the 6parts of the patch. Does it mean the files are corrupted.

      Do i need to download everything again?..
      I did md5sum for all the zip files, they are not matching.??

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          If the mdsums are not matching, it is an indication that the download is corrupt. You will need to re-download the files where the mdsums do not match.

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            Hi Taher;

            Its possibly corrupted, i suggest , Download patch wiht download manager and retest issue

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              Hi Taher

              Sadly it sounds like your download is incomplete. 99% of the time the partial download can be resumed though.

              You can avoid re-downloading the complete file by resuming it with wget.

              You can refer to this thread for more info.
              Re: wget command

              The basic steps are

              1) Install cookie exporter
              2) Log into the web site that you are downloading from
              3) Export cookies
              4) Copy cookies to machine where you can run wget
              5) Right-click on the file that you want to download and copy the URL
              6) Use a command similar to this (it has been a long time since I used this command and I can't remember if this is the exact syntax)
              wget –load-cookies=cookies.txt http://URL-from-step-5

              (this command assumes that cookies.txt is on your current directory)

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                Hi Frank,
                Thank you very much. Unfortunately the download finished (in the mornin :) ). I used flash get to download and every thing went fine, but none of the 6 files match md5 digest. I have to do it again and hope this time it will be ok.