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    Autocreate PO - default requisition grouping

      When you find some PORs and then go into the Autocreate screen, does anybody know how to make the Grouping setting display "Requisition" instead of "Grouping" as its default setting

      I can see a system profile option "PO: Default Requisition Grouping", but presume this only refers to imports, as I have changed this setting to "Requisition" but it still displays "Grouping"

      It's not a big deal as it can obviously be changed manually, but with the volume of POs our Buyers create it would be much easier if they didn't have to do this each time

      Any assistance much appreciated

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Create a when-new-form-instance personalization.
          Leave the condition blank
          In action, Set the VALUE property of ACTION.GROUPING_METHOD to REQUISITION.
          That will do it.

          Hope this answers your question
          Sandeep Gandhi
          Omkar Technologies Inc.
          Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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            Spot on, thank you, although it did then make the other two fields (Action and Document Type) blank! I then used a similar method to re-instate their default values of Create and Standard PO

            Also, if I hadn't known about forms personalisation from a previous question to do with preventing Finally Close option on PO control, then I wouldn't have known what to do. So if you're picking up this thread at a later date, here is some more detail:

            1. Firstly ensure system profiles are set to correct level for the user undertaking changes
            (Menu Path: System Administrator==>Profile==>System)
            'Hide Diagnostics menu entry' should be 'No' and
            'Utilities:Diagnostics' should be 'Yes' (at user level so that you can then perform personalisations

            2. Navigate to AutoCreate screen, then from the toolbar menu, select:
            Help > Diagnostics > Custom Code > Personalize (won’t be able to do this if profiles above are wrong)
            If some Rules are already defined, they will appear in the window
            Begin typing a new rule in the Sequence line (convention is that numbers are multiples of ten, so extra lines can be inserted if required)

            3. Input the following on the Condition tab:
            •     Trigger Event = WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE
            •     Processing Mode = Both
            •     Other fields blank

            4. Input the following on the Actions tab:
            •     Seq = 10
            •     Type = leave as Property
            •     Object Type = leave as Item
            •     Target Object = ACTION.GROUPING_METHOD
            •     Property Name = VALUE
            •     Value = REQUISITION

            5. Save the work. [You may need to refresh screens or even log in and out for personalisaitions to kick in]

            6. This will then clear the other fields default settings, so more rules need to be added to re-instate them; the three rules could be as follows:
            Rule 10
            •     Description = Set Autocreate default Action settings to "Create"
            •     Actions:Target Object = ACTION.DOCUMENT_MODE
            •     Actions:Value = NEW

            Rule 20
            •     Description = Set Autocreate default Document Type to "Standard PO"
            •     Actions:Target Object = ACTION.DOCUMENT_TYPE
            •     Actions:Value = STANDARD

            Rule 30
            •     Description = Set Autocreate default Grouping settings to "Requisition"
            •     Actions:Target Object = ACTION.GROUPING_METHOD
            •     Actions:Value = REQUISITION

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