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    Issued Quantity in RDW

      Hi All,

      Am new to RDW, we have a metric requiring Issued Quantity of Stock from Warehouse to Store.
      Is there any field avaialble in RDW for the same ? I could only find reserved Quantity field in INV_DEPT_LD_DM.F_I_ALLOC_RSV_QTY after serahcing the Data model guide.But as per functional definiation to the same, reserved quantity is not always the same as Issued Quantity.

      So how does this field(Issued Quanityt) gets trapped in RDW or how can i derive the Issued Quantity for Stocks from Warehouse to Store if its not available.

      Thanks for your help !

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          You may find what you need in inv_tsf_item_ld_dm and/or inv_rcpts_item_ld_dm. (Using the RDW 13.1 datamodel on Oracle Support as a reference.)
          The reserved quantity I would skip as a candidate for your business requirement.
          If you want to know how this is 'trapped' (filled) in RDW, please lookup the RMS operations guide nr1 and/or study the RMS RETL extraction scripts.
          Best regards, Erik Ykema

          PS: the better forum for RDW related questions is the Oracle Retail forum at Retail This forum relates to the ORDM, which is not an Oracle Retail product (though of course of interest to retailers...)

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            Thanks Erik !!
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              Hi Dhrubo,
              Just check these tables DWB_INV_CNTRL_DOC, DWB_INV_CNTRL_DOC_LI, these capture movement of inventory in and out of warehouse.

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                Hi Siva,
                Please note that Dhrubo relates his question to the ORDW product, while the tables you mention are from ORDM.
                Best regards, Erik