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    Ask about Https Connection !

      Hi all,

      I'm beginner with J2ME. I have some things that not clearly !

      I had used Tomcat server (version 6) + Servlet. My CLDC version 2.0

      My mobile project use Https connection connect to Tomcat server. I knew that my server must have a certificate to become a trusted server. I have two problems such as:

      *1. If I have not a certificate from VeriSign*, I will use keytool utility to create a certificate keystore (reference from http://developers.sun.com/mobility/midp/articles/https/). At the mobile client, I must import this certificate by MEKeytool utility ---> Assume that, I created mobile application and install it on a mobile device successfully. And from this mobile client, I also must use MEKeytool utility ??? How execute it ?? Please guide to me about this problem !

      *2. There is a certificate from VeriSign*, configuring Tomcat server same as case 1 above ?? At the mobile client, what I must do ?

      Please help me ! Thanks.