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    Glassfish 3.1 Clustering and Installation Questions

      I've seen the schedule for Glassfish 3.1 that says all features are complete at this time.

      I downloaded and played with the b25 version of Glassfish 3.1 in progress, and noticed a few things regarding clustering that I have some questions about. From what I have noticed, in order to create instances of the cluster on different, remote machines, you must create an SSH node for each, which requires you to install Glassfish 3.1 on each of those machines and run the setup-ssh function (since normal SSH is set up and the credentials do not already work without running this command). My question is this: I have instances running on Solaris machines currently, and want to convert to this newer version, but you guys only have a Linux and a Windows install script for GF 3.1, and the Linux version won't install on Solaris. Is this only because it hasn't been officially released yet, i.e. will there be a Solaris install script at any point for GF 3.1?

      Else, is there another way without installing GF 3.1 on the instances that I can create valid nodes (I already have GF 2.1.1 installed on those, which works fine), if I want the DAS to be GF 3.1?