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    Moving oracle database to a new server with an upgraded oracle software

      Hi Guys,

      Here is the scenario, we have an existing Oracle 9.2 demo database on a Solaris 5.9 server. I was asked to transfer this to another server with same OS but with an Oracle 10g software installed. The original plan was to mount the exisiting Oracle home from the original server to the new server and from there copy all the database files and bring up the database.

      Here are the steps:
      - Issue an "alter database backup controlfile to trace", get the script from the trace file
      - Copy all database files to the new server
      - Edit parameter files
      - Do a startup mount recreate the control files, do a recover database, and startup the database on the new server.

      I suggested that we to a transport tablespace but due to limited resources and that the 9.2 database does not have this feature we can't perform this process. I also can't do a exp/imp of the database since we really have limited resources on a disk. I was wondering if the steps I enumerated above are correct? Or would result in an error?