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    Concurrent Request error out with JVM Error

      Environemnt details:

      EBS->R 12.0.6
      OS->AIX 5.3
      All 64-bit
      $ which java
      $ java -fullversion
      java full version "J2RE 1.5.0 IBM AIX build pap32dev-20070511(SR5)"

      The concurrent request "Billing History" of "ARXCBH module" is completing in error and under the log file of the request following error message reported:


      stat_low = 86
      stat_high = 0
      emsg:was terminated by signal 6
      Enter Password:
      JVMCI161: FATAL ERROR in native method: Wrong method ID used to invoke a Java method
           at oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl.CRunReport(Native Method)
           at oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl.run(EngineImpl.java:437)
           at oracle.reports.server.JobManager.runJobInEngine(JobManager.java:916)
           at oracle.reports.server.ExecAsynchJobThread.run(ExecAsynchJobThread.java:54)

      Report Builder: Release - Production on Thu Oct 28 12:32:51 2010

      Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

      JVMDG217: Dump Handler is Processing Signal 6 - Please Wait.
      JVMDG303: JVM Requesting Java core file
      JVMDG304: Java core file written to /testapps/TEST/inst/apps/TEST_qa/logs/appl/conc/log/javacore1880124.1288247807.txt
      JVMDG215: Dump Handler has Processed Error Signal 6.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.