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    Creating receipt in p2p with po mismatch


      I've a requirement to create a PO ,Receipt and Invoice say with po total line quantity of 10 and $5 each so total is $50
      I've to create a receipt with different quantity say 8 and $5 each so total is $40 .I've create invoices also with different quantity and price compared to PO.I'm writing a program which'll fetch all these mismatched records.Is there any way I can create PO<>Receipt<>Invoice at every stage either quantity or price or both must have some discrepancies?what's the best way to load test data (1000 records)into oracle apps with above scenario without using time consuming manual entry?

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          Karthik Gopaluni

          You said you are writing a program to get the mismatched records right, is it a report? If so it is easier to run the report query and see the output and verify random records with front end screens.

          You don't have any transactions for the PO's in your test instance?

          If you still want to load records one way could be to insert records into interface tables (AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE,AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE,PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE,PO_LINES_INTERFACE,PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE,RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE,RCV_LOTS_INTERFACE,RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE etc) and run oracle import programs to get the data. This is quite big task to do as you have to do in order and debug the interface errors.