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    Java configuration for Textpad? (Need correct settings)

      I installed JDK BEFORE I installed Textpad, but Textpad somehow doesn't register that. So... I don't see the "Compile Java" and "Run Java Application" options.

      I manually added the 2 options, but I don't have the correct setting for them (the site that I used before had the setting that I could follow but the site has been down...)

      Anyways, my Compile Java is the javac.exe program and Run Java Application is the java.exe; the current settings are default... so I need to fix that ><

      For example,
      My Compile Java has the "Regular expression to match output" as

      I believe the ones in my school has more than that >_< but I don't have the exact information. Can someone please provide me with the correct setting? It will be grade if you can copy/paste the Regex and the Registers setting etc. So I will have minimum chance of making error. But, screenshots will work too.

      Thank you very much in advance :)

      (P.S. I hope I am posting in the right forum section ><)

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