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    Displaying continuously changing message on jsp

      I have a arraylist in session which i display on jsp. say the values on jsp are from 1 to 10. Now as soon as the user clicks on proceed button corresponding csv files need to be generated and a message needs to be continuously shown on jsp as "processing 1..", "processing 2..", . I am able to generate csv files but i dont know how to show this message.
      My code on jsp is as follows:
      <% ArrayList arlList = (ArrayList) session.getAttribute("ArlBatch");
      System.out.println("size " + arlList.size());               
           for (int i = 0; i < arlList.size(); i++) {
           PreInvoiceVO dvo = (PreInvoiceVO) arlList.get(i);
      <%     }
      %> </table>