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    Error while starting Eclipse


      I have a J: drive mapped which consists of jdk15910 etc.

      I had got Eclipse 3.2 in C: drive which I recently extracted. When I started eclipse, it gave me an error - No Java 2 Runtime environment.

      I started it with -vm J:/apps_pub/jdk15910 command.This directory J:/apps_pub/jdk15910 contains bin, jre/bin etc and all.

      When I look at the control panel for the installed programs, I see the Java DK 6, but there is no JRE.Its JDK 6 not 5.

      Anyways when I started with vm arguement eclipse gives me an error that No JDK or JRE found at J:/apps_pub/jdk15910 path

      I am clue less. The path definitely has bin, jre/bin etc.

      What should I do

      Please help