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    not enough disk space

      hi to all.

      i m trying to install the ide
      and i m getting this error:

      The following warnings were generated:
      WARNING: C:\ partition has insufficient space to install the items selected. 681 MB additional space would be needed to install the selected items.

      i searched the forum but can not find something.

      i also searched by google and found some notes says that i must change the "temp" environment variable and i changed. but it doesnt change the error.

      and i also tried a solution which says use the setup -is:tempdir C:/tmp command on the command line but there is nothing changed.

      thanks for reading please tell what you know about the problem
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          Your C: drive is full.

          Do you have another drive that you can install the software on? If not, then you need to make some room on your C: drive by deleting other files.

          When you changed the TEMP environment variable, did you set it to a folder on a different drive that has more space? Obviously, if you don't have another drive this won't work.

          The same is true for the setup command line parameter. You have to point the tempdir to a folder on a drive that has enough available space.
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            sorry but i forgot to declare a detail. i have 20 gb free disk space on c partition. when i right clicked on my c: harddisk part and go to the properties i see it :((
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              The above suggestion ( set the TEMP variable) works fine.