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    oracle db 11R2 installer failed on prerequisite checks

      Hi World

      I have a Thinkpad T410. It has 450GB HD (420GB are free currently) and 4GB memory. It runs on Windows XP SP3.
      I downloaded oracle 11g r2 installer from oracle site.
      When i ran installer, it failed at prerequisite checks. It complained physical memory check failed, swap size check falied, free space check failed, architecture check failed.

      Please let me know if you have seen similar issue before. How did you fix the issue?

      Error Detail is following:
      Physical Memory - This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the system has at least 922MB (944128.0KB) of total physical memory.
      Expected Value
       : n/a
      Actual Value
       : n/a
       List of errors:
      PRVF-7531 : Physical memory check cannot be performed on node "abcd-1234"  
      - Cause:  Could not perform check of physical memory on the node indicated.  
      - Action:  Ensure ability to access the node specified and view memory information.