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    Checksum error while untarring iCS 2.1

      I have just downloaded iPlanet Calendar 2.1 from the iPlanet Download web site.
      I have used
      gzip -d to uncompress
      it. I then use the standard native Solaris tar
      command to untar the file.
      However, during the extraction of the files from the archive, the
      process aborts with the following message:<BR>

      x packages/SUNWicsap/reloc/SUNWicsrv/cal/<BR>
      csapi/samples/authentication/csAuthenticationLocal.cpp, 2547 bytes, 5 tape blocks <BR>
      x packages/SUNWicsap/reloc/SUNWicsrv/cal/<BR>
      csapi/samples/authentication/csAuthenticationLocal.h, 1279 bytes, 3 tape blocks <BR>
      tar: directory checksum error

      The tar files generated for download use the GNU tar utility.
      In <I>most</I> cases the GNU tar
      (also known as "gtar") and the native Solaris "tar" commands are compatible.
      However, in this case they are not.
      At this time, you must obtain a copy of the GNU tar utility and use it to
      extract the files from the archive. Following are links to where you can
      freely download precompiled packaged binaries of the GNU tar utility:
      Solaris 2.6 Binaries: ftp://nce.sun.ca/pub/freeware/sparc/2.6/tar-1.12-sol26-sparc-local.gz<BR>
      Solaris 2.7 Binaries: ftp://nce.sun.ca/pub/freeware/sparc/7/tar-1.13-sol7-sparc-local.gz<BR>
      Package/Source info: http://hpux.cae.wisc.edu/hppd/hpux/Gnu/tar-1.13.16/<BR>
      HP-UX 10.20: ftp://ftp:www-user@hpux.cae.wisc.edu/hpux/Gnu/tar-1.13.16/tar-1.13.16-sd-10.20.depot.gz<BR>
      HP-UX 11.00: ftp://ftp:www-user@hpux.cae.wisc.edu/hpux/Gnu/tar-1.13.16/tar-1.13.16-sd-11.00.depot.gz<BR>

      <I><B>Note:</B> Neither Netscape Communications
      Corp, Sun MicroSystems Inc, nor iPlanet provide support the GNU tar utility.</I>