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    IM - Legacy SSL Problem

      Hi guys

      i'am still unable to resolve the IM SSL issue, we have the cert8.db etc... that we use for the App server, LDAP, messaging and calendar, and we would like to use the same certificate database for the IM, this what i have in the iim.conf

      !iim_mux.usessl = "on"
      !iim_mux.secconfigdir = "/etc/opt/SUNWiim/default/config"
      !iim_mux.keydbprefix =
      !iim_mux.certdbprefix =
      !iim_mux.secmodfile = "secmod.db"
      !iim_mux.certnickname = "webmail"
      !iim_mux.keystorepasswordfile = "sslpassword.conf"

      the config point to to same CA database than the rest of the components, when I restart IIM it keeps listening in Non-SSL communication.

      we use SC 6 U2..

      am i missing a config ? should i create another post

      thanks a lot
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          Which version of IM are you running ?
          If it is 7.3+, support for NSS based certificates no longer exists,SSL support is now through jks.
          However if you have certificate in NSS database you can migrate it to jks using the cli utility "migratecert" provided by IM.

          Please see these sections for more details - http://wikis.sun.com/display/CommSuite6U1/Communications+Suite+6+Update+1+What%27s+New#CommunicationsSuite6Update1What%27sNew-What%27sNewinInstantMessaging7.3

          Refer this forum post - http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=708&threadID=5381779

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            Hi Swetha,

            thanks for the links, I'' try to migrate the certificates as indicated....

            thanks a lot