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    Jain-sip-proxy server does not display in browser

      Hi JCP
      I have downloaded the codes for JAin-sip-Proxy Server, Jain-sip-applet-phone.my problems are:-
      1. I have downloaded all libraries and don't find any error in boiuding the code, but when I deploy using Sailfin it just display Hello World in browser- where else the
      Netbeans Ide tells me deployment was successful.
      2. When I use Tomcat 6.26 Server, the browser just displays JavaFaces(Welcoming page of jsp framework)
      I can't see both the server site and the applet phone. My O.S is Windows 7
      (I have followed all instructions in setup including in control panels->Java Plug in)
      thanx. Can someone help me implementing this two codes( I downloaded them form NIST JAIN SIP WEB SIT)

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