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    URL-IP mapping problem

      Hi all,

      This is my first time setting up a web proxy, so please bear with me. I'm currently setting up a forward proxy using SJSWPS 4.0.7.

      When using direct connection to Internet, I have a URL which cannot be accessed unless the IP-URL mapping is entered in the /etc/hosts file (the other URLs can be accessed without any entries in /etc/hosts file). Because I want to let the users access this particular URL, I'd like to check if there's a way I can configure IP-URL mapping in SJSWPS like /etc/hosts file? I'm asking this because I can't seem to find the appropriate configuration in the admin guide and nobody else seems to be having this problem.

      By the way, I have already configured the URL mapping using the SJSWPS Admin web GUI but it's still not working.

      Note: I have already solved this problem. I will proceed to close this topic. Thanks.

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