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    Error administering access control / Missing administration group


      I'm running Sun Java System Web Proxy Server version Version: 4.0.8 B08/22/2008 02:44 on a Windows 2003 box with Directory Service type LDAP. I'm trying to enable access control but I am getting this error dialog: "Incorrect Usage: Missing administration group Activate Distributed Admin first."

      This is my action:
      1. Access the Administration Server and click the Global Settings tab.
      2. Click the Administer Access Control link.
      3. Select the administration server (proxy-admserv) from the drop-down list,
      click Go to load data, and then click New ACL.

      How can I resolve this error? Have looked in 819-3708.pdf (Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.2 2005Q4 Administration Guide) but don't see how to do this.